PS2 Remote Control 4DOF track detection Vehicle Car chassis arduino Assembled DIY kit

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  • Arduino control board is easy to use
  • Low cost, economical and low threshold
  • Integrated expansion board for easy installation
  • Open source, support mixly drag and drop programming
  • Provide online tutorials
  • Driven by arduino, PS2 remote control

Product parameters: 

Model: R3

Weight: 650g

Chassis size: 203 x155 x63mm

Claw straight up to 165mm

Voltage: 3-9v

Motor reduction ratio: 48: 1

Motor cable length: 15cm

Track width: 4.5cm

Track material: hard plastic 

Control board: arduino uno 

Note: It is difficult to assemble it, buy it carefully Shipping list:A set of tank robot parts (excluding batteries)

You can buy from here:

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