we have design a new tank chassis


Economy robot tank chassis building block wood board TT motor 3-9v tracked car intelligent car chassis SN8400


3-9v wide range voltage
TT motor has strong versatility
Can mount a variety of circuit boards
Motor welding place is glued and fixed for easy reuse

Technical Parameters:

Model: SN8400
Weight: 405g
Size: 203 x155 x63mm
Voltage: 3-9v
Motor reduction ratio: 48: 1
Motor cable length: 15cm
Track width: 4.5cm
Track material: hard plastic
Hole introduction: arduino uno, L298N, two 18650 battery boxes, sg90 servos, mg90s servos, four five battery boxes, etc.
Assembly instructions: We send a small screwdriver, which can be assembled, and the motor wire has been welded.

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